Oppo to Launch the N1 Mini

The Oppo N1 Mini

The Oppo N1 Mini

After creating much buzz with the N1, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo has officially announced the N1 Mini. For now, it will go on sale only in China from June 11 onwards.

The term ‘Mini’ is a bit misleading since, with a 5 inch display, the phone is still larger than the mini smartphones of other companies. The detailed specs will be announced on the launch day, which is, June 10th. But from what we have gathered so far, the N1 Mini features the same 13 megapixel 360º rotating camera as its bigger sibling, but with an Ultra HD mode that can produce 24 megapixel images. With a weight of 150 g and a 2,140 mAh battery, it is lighter and less powerful than the N1.

We reviewed the Oppo N1 in April and found it to be quite an impressive camera phone. However, it did have some glitches like image distortion and bad positioning of the touch-sensitive trackpad. Has Oppo addressed these issues in the N1 Mini? We will find out on June 10.

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