Olympus Launches 45mm and 17mm f/1.2 Pro Lenses


Olympus added two new f/1.2 lenses to their M.Zuiko PRO series in November. The 17mm and 45mm f/1.2 Pro primes are fast 35mm and 90mm equivalent lenses.

They utilise the same 62mm filters that the existing 25mm f/1.2 Pro uses and, like that lens both are also weathersealed and dustproof. They are also designed to be consistent in size with one another.

Meant for Micro Four Thirds users, the lenses can achieve very shallow levels of depth-of-field at the focal lengths where they require this effect. The company says it has focused the design on providing attractive bokeh and achieving sharpness. They believe that bokeh with a soft edge produces the most appealing results, by producing a smooth transition from in-focus to out-of-focus spaces. They have also tried to ensure minimal risks of interference patterns occurring in backgrounds. To achieve all this, both lenses have been designed so that instead of fully correcting spherical aberration to give completely uniform bokeh, it focuses the peripheral light rays slightly in front of the plane of focus, providing a soft roll-off to the edges of the bokeh.

While the 45mm lens went on sale in November, the 17mm one will become available in January for 165,000 Yen (approx. Rs. 93,400).

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