Noise Reduction on Photoshop CC


Shooting at a very high ISO produces grainy, noisy photographs. In such cases, the Noise Reduction action under the Details category will help deal with the grain. This is especially crucial if you intend to print the images. The Noise Reduction action is the same in Photoshop CC’s Camera RAW and Lightroom.

The basic principle of Noise Reduction is to blur the image to get rid of the grainy quality. You can reduce noise through two types of controls in Photoshop CC-the Colour and Luminance sliders.


  • The Colour slider will rid the image of the red green and blue grains. However, too much of it will cause the image to look desaturated.
  • If you lose details in the colour regions on the image, you can bring back some of it via the Colour Details slider.
  • The resulting image may have patches in the colour regions of the image, which can be controlled by the Smoothness slider.


  • The Luminance slider controls the overall grain of the image.
  • It is best to keep it as minimum as possible as too much of it will blur the edges of your images.
  • Change to a black and white view by pressing the Alt key on PC and the Option key on Mac for a better view of the edges.
  • The Luminance detail tool keeps the edges crisp.



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