New DesignVue Monitor for Designers by BenQ


BenQ has announced the launch of DesignVue Designer Monitor PD2700U equipped with AQCOLOR technology and 4K UHD resolution. Specifically tailored for designers, the monitor comes with three special modes for various situations–CAD/CAM mode, Animation mode, and Darkroom mode. The CAD/CAM mode offers contrast for lines and shapes in technical illustrations, the Animation mode enhances the brightness of dark areas without overexposing bright regions and has 10 levels of display brightness, while the Darkroom mode adjusts image brightness and contrast for clarity and sharp details. The monitor employs Multi-Stream Transport technology (MST) that allows the users to project screen across several displays using DisplayPort output for multiple monitor setup. It also has a Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) Switch function that displays and controls content from two different computer systems on one screen using one set of keyboard and mouse. Other features include Dual View, HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.4, and mini DisplayPort 1.4.

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