MOTION Stage Talks About Video Advancements


Anchor for professional filmmakers, video enthusiasts and hobby photographers interested in videography, MOTION stage by photokina, featured a theme such as “How does a photographer become a professional filmmaker, and how can one create a professional film production with a smartphone?” YouTubers from ApeCrime explained how important titles, thumbnails, and interesting content are for the success of videos on the platform YouTube, while Marius alias Angeschrien showed the techniques he uses to quickly create cinema computer worlds. The German Roamers, Europe’s biggest outdoor community in the social media segment, known for their unique style of interpretation of outdoor and travel photography, exhibited their travel Documentary Project Antarctic that was shot at -30° Grad. temperature with wet cameras and day-long sea-sickness. The Cologne-based skater and Red Bull athlete Vladik Scholz in association with Red Bull, Huawei and SOLO Skateboard magazine presented their new skateboard project ‘5AM’ at the stage.

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