LumoPro Launches Multifunctional LightSwitch


LumoPro has unveiled a new photographic lighting product, LP742 LightSwitch, which is a carry case for small flash units that can be converted into a modifier also. In addition, the company has launched LP605M Convertible Light Stand and Monopod.

The LP742 LightSwitch is designed to allow photographers to also use it as a small reflector, a bounce card or a flag when dissembled. The LightSwitch can be dissembled into a front panel, a back panel, and a strap. The front panel can be used as a white reflector and the back panel can be used as a bounce card or a flag. It works as a flash unit protection as well as a lighting control solution.

LumoPro LP742 LightSwitch

LumoPro LP742 LightSwitch

The LP605M, convertible light stand and monopod, offers the flexibility of a light stand and the stability of a monopod. It features retractable monopod feet with a fluid chamber and a mounting adapter.

“When developing these products, we really tried to keep location shooters in mind. Weight and space are important considerations, and the beauty of these multitasking products is that photographers can cut down on the amount of gear they carry without losing functionality,” said Janae Miller, LumoPro Brand Manager.

The LP742 LightSwitch and LP605M Convertible Light Stand and Monopod are priced at USD 29.99 (approx. Rs. 1915) and USD 74.99 (approx. Rs. 4790), and are available via the company’s authorised dealers worldwide.

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