Kenro to Launches Its Own Brand of Tripods


Photographic accessories supplier Kenro has announced that the company will launch its own brand of camera tripods.

Our initial range of four tripod kits and one monopod kit will all supply with legs and head along with a bag to transport it all in. All five models have a high build quality, are supplied in attractive retail packaging, and whilst lightweight they are capable of bearing impressive loads,” said the company.

Out of the four tripod kits, three of them can be converted into monopods and the same three also feature very low working heights. These tripod kits will also feature a short centre column along with spiked/rubber feet. The fourth tripod kit has an ultra-compact design, ideal for the traveller with restricted luggage space.

Image used for representational purpose

Image used for representational purpose

This initial range has been put together to provide a complete package for the traveller, and the company will be expanding its range of supports further over the coming months.

Initial range will be available from mid-September onwards. The company is yet to announce the pricing details.

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