Kenko Binoculars VcSmart Model at photokina 2018


Kenko VcSmart 14×30 is a compact 14x magnification pair of binoculars with high-performance Vibration Control system while the Kenko VcSmart 10×30 features a 10x magnification. Kenko VcSmart binoculars have Vibration Control function and incorporate a two-axis gimbal mechanism driven by a voice coil motor that performs Vibration Control. The voice coil motor controls the movements of the optical prism units inside the binoculars, while the two-axis gimbal mechanism compensates with stabilization freedom ±3° as the trembling is detected by 2 gyro sensors inside the binoculars. Moreover, Kenko VcSmart is equipped with an “AUTO OFF” function that will turn stabilization off after 10 minutes. All lenses surfaces and prisms of Kenko VcSmart binoculars have a full multi-layer coating of aluminium anti-reflection. The main body is made of fibreglass reinforced plastic, while the external part is built with an elastomer. The 14mm long eye relief provides a comfortable experience over a long span of time. Kenko VcSmart is equipped with a 14mm long eye relief and powered by only one element of lithium CR2 type battery which provides 12 hours of constant power.

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