K Madhavan Pillai, Chief Editor, Better Photography — a message during the COVID-19 lockdown


A short message to all photographers, viewers and readers of Better Photography during these testing times.

We must be thoughtful. And despite the terrible circumstances, we must look at the gifts we have been offered. We must use this time at home to reflect, introspect, get closer to family, reconnect, do the things that one always wanted but never got around to doing, inculcate good habits and practices, read, listen to music, get reacquaint with inspirations, and get newly inspired too.

And though it all… Help those who depend on us, and on whom we depend. Those people and parts of society that we must support. If we are privileged to keep our families safe, let us help keep these people and their families safe too.

Let’s be safe. Let’s be committed. Let’s be compassionate.

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