Elliott Erwitt Prints in a Classic Way with HP Technology


erwitthpMagnum photographer Elliott Erwitt is undoubtedly one of the greatest photographers we have ever seen. He remains a photographic purist even today, someone who does not enjoy digital manipulation. Interestingly, this puritan printmaker used the new HP Large Format Photo Negative application with great success recently.

“This applicaton from HP is a good advance and will definitely get the attention of photographers,” said the legend, talking about the application and Z-series printer.

What is this Large Format Photo Negative technology that Erwitt used and how can you use it?

Designed for use with the HP Designjet Z3200 series of photo printers, the application allows photographers to produce a digital negative of the same size as the final print, and then return to analogue processes for coating, exposing developing and clearing the final photograph. This allows you to combine the efficience and precision of digital technology with the puritan craftsmanship of manual printmaking.

So if you are a traditionalist at heart, you should explore the idea of using the Z3200 and the application spoken of.

To know more about the Z3200 and view its detailed specifications, you can visit this link 

If you are considering buying the printer, the Indian toll free number for any inquiries is 1800 425 4299.

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