HP Indigo Unveils New Technologies Across its Portfolio


Last month, HP Indigo announced various innovations, supporting momentum, growth and digital transformation. For instance, the HP Indigo 100K Digital Press has new capabilities such as Automatic Pallet Replacement that enables continuous print with non-stop stacking.

The company has unveiled the Automatic Alert Agent 2.0 announced for HP Indigo Series 4 presses (HP Indigo 12000 and 15K). There is also the expansion of HD printing capabilities with the introduction of Fine Line RIP. The HP Indigo 6P Digital Press, a narrow-web press, is dedicated to photo and publishing applications. This press expands the capabilities of the Indigo 6800p with a series of innovations for productivity and versatility, including a larger 320 x 980mm image area and faster RIP.

PrintOS Production Pro DFE is now available for commercial print, while PrintOS Colour Beat is for the HP Indigo 25. The HP SmartStream Designer has been introduced for Adobe CC2021.

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