HIPA Undertakes CSR Program in Malaysia

His Excellency Ali bin Thalith with the children from the island.

His Excellency Ali bin Thalith posing with the children from the island.

Earlier this year, members of the Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award, visited various remote islands in Malaysia, as part of a corporate social responsibility underatking. Here, they interacted with the nomadic Bajau Laut communities in Eastern Malaysia.

The Secretary General of HIPA, His Excellency Ali bin Thalith had this to say about his team’s visit, “This initiative was undertaken to try and have a positive influence on the lives of those who are less fortunate, through the art of photography. The HIPA team travelled to four islands—Mataking, Gaya, Silakan and Maiga in Eastern Malaysia. The team got to learn more about the traditions and culture of the local population, as well as learning about the struggles that the nomads experience on a daily basis, as a result of living in such a remote part of the world”.

In addition to this, the team spread the word of photography on the island by handing out cameras to the children, and taught them how to use the device. His Excellency Ali bin Thalith added, “It was a pleasure using our beloved art form (photography) in such a way that brought us closer to the inhabitants of the islands, who welcomed us as family. We are glad that we were able to positively impact the Bajau Laut people. We hope to be able to carry out similar initiatives in the future.”

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