HIPA Awards: Portfolio Category Winners


A showcase of the winning entries of the Portfolio category in the Hamdan International Photography Awards.

Christian Vizl Mac Gregor | Mexico

México, Baja California Sur, Bahia Magdalena. A sea lion hunting a school of mackerel some 40 miles off the coast of San Carlos.

Kingdom of Beauty and Danger: The attraction to the sea makes this photographer a captive of what he can see under the waves. Wandering through the ocean and observing the beauty of the creatures in it, he is communicating with nature directly, always surprised by what he sees. Most people only see these creatures as a source of food but they have voices we can hear and rights we must
preserve in the face of danger. Dangers of human destruction of this beautiful environment in several ways – overfishing,
pollution, plastic, radiation, climate change and so on.

Zhoufan Cui | China

Rafting People on Yalu River: The Yalu River, now the border between China and North Korea, has had a history of transporting wooden rafts for thousands of years. Every year between Spring and Fall, North Korean loggers cut logs in the Changbai mountains and release them along the Yalu River. The raft travels down the river to Zhongjiangjun, North Korea. With the development of the modern transportation industry, this will gradually fade out of history and become a valuable part of the world’s cultural heritage.

AthoUllah | Indonesia

Fishermen’s boat docking in the port of East Java

The Predator’s Fins: Sharks are known to be a killing machine at the top of the marine food chain. But since the 1990s, the number of Black-Fin Sharks (Carcharhinus Melanopterus) has been declining. Based on research, millions of sharks are killed every year for their fins. The cost of shark fin soup ranges from USD 70-150, which is rumoured to be a cure for some illnesses even though it contains Methylmercury which is dangerous to our health. Efforts to regulate fishing in Indonesia are not yet effective enough. Lack of awareness of the role sharks play in the marine eco-system poses a major threat to marine life. Pictures from one of the fishing ports in Indonesia.

Karrar Hussen | Iraq

October Anger: Peaceful protests are considered human rights around the world and are included in the Iraqi constitution, but the Iraqi
government has reacted severely with the Rafidain youth who demonstrated in Tahrir Square in Baghdad in October 2019 demanding their rights. But the Iraqi lens remains a witness to these events.

Fausto Podavini | Italy

Axum. Ethiopia. Orthodox priests during a procession just outside of the Church of Our Mary Lady in Zion, where apparently the Ark of Alliance and the tables of Moses are held. The Tabot (copies of Moses’ tables) are taken here in processions.

Ethiopian Rituals: A representation of black Christianity in northern Ethiopia. This is an anthropological portfolio that wants to give back the country’s identity that has been subjected to irreversible change caused by investments from both Europeans and Chinese. The daily lives of these believers are based on liturgical times. The rituality of religious festivities is melded into their everyday activities. Young and old, men and women, all hold on to their beliefs and identity, by preserving their religion. They achieve this by resisting outside influence and not changing for any reason.

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