HIPA Awards: Mobile Photography Category Winners


A showcase of the winning entries of the Mobile Photography category in the Hamdan International Photography Awards.

Apratim Pal | India

A Journey Outside Our World: In winter, when the flow of water is very low due to ‘Photochemical Reactions’, a moss-like structure is formed and causes water pollution. It refers to the blend of such substances in water that invalidates it for use by humans, flora and fauna.
Water pollution affects the whole world as water is the basis of life. A fisherman appears on his boat as if he belongs on the
the upper deck of the earth and is on a journey beyond our world.

Budi Gunawan | Indonesia


Refection: A crimson sunbird is hovering and quenches its thirst from the flower. This picture was taken approximately 50cm from the bird using artificial light and a reflector.

Abdullah Alshathri | Saudi Arabia

Spirituality of Colors: The Day of Sacrifice, is the tenth day of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah, during which pilgrims perform certain rituals, including the circumambulation of the Holy Kaaba, wherewith their movement a wonderful colour palette is created.

Fahad Faraj Abdulhameid | Saudi Arabia

Under the Rain: On a trip with my wife to the Sharjah Rain Room, I opted to avoid all professional photography gear and focus on enjoying our time together. But this moment had to be captured. A reflection of the reality of my married life. Two loving partners relying on each other, as a basis for a happy family.

Navin Kumar | India

Sunset Transparency: The golden aromas of sunset combines perfectly with the power of thought. It is a story that was captured on the balcony of a mosque while celebrating a local festival, when suddenly a gust of wind blew and the ‘dupatta’, which is a traditional
woman’s dress, fluttered into view.

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