HIPA Awards: General (Colour) Category Winners


A showcase of the winning entries of the General (Colour) category in the Hamdan International Photography Awards.

Fahad Al Enezi | Kuwait

Snow Monalisa: An Arctic fox retrieves its food from an ice hole in Canada. In times of abundance, the fox stores food in separate pits 10cm underground and returns to it when needed to avoid losing its entire supply if another fox finds it.

Yose Mirza | Indonesia

The Portrait of Sapa: Sapa is a Vietnamese girl living in Nha Trang. She suffers from ‘Heterochromia’, a condition caused by the increase or decrease in melanin and may be hereditary or the result of a genetic defect. She has unique expressive eyes—one brown and one blue. She is a descendant of the Chams tribe.

Rashed Al Sumaiti | United Arab Emirates

One Soul Opposite Direction: In the Alaskan wilderness, two bear cubs scavenge for food on a beach. In the perfect moment, they were captured heading in opposite directions but in search of the same thing.

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