HIPA Awards: General (Black and White) Category Winners


A showcase of the winning entries of the General (Black and White) category in the Hamdan International Photography Awards.

Talal Al Rabah | Kuwait

King of the North: In the northern corner of the globe, on the Norwegian Svalbard Archipelago, a polar bear was walking on an iceberg with the early morning sunlight touching him from behind creating an extraordinary silhouette.

Anna Niemiec | Poland

The Silent Witness: Over two-hundred-year-old trees in the centre of Szczecin (Poland); silent witnesses of many human stories. An old man strolls through these old trees in the quiet of Autumn, like seasons reflecting a passage of time.

Sujan Sarkar | India

The Young Dreamers: Children are a symbol of unity and unity can make a positive change. Here the children in their playful mood are delivering this message to the world. They have the power to eradicate many of the curses of this world. The curses of poverty, illiteracy, hunger, pollution, diseases, etc. They have the power to make a better world. Children don’t want to protect the environment; they want to create a world where the environment doesn’t need to be protected.

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