Hasselblad Expands its XCD Lens Series at photokina 2018


Hasselblad adds three new lenses to its XCD lens series for the X1D-50c camera, the XCD 1,9/80, the XCD 2,8/65, and the XCD 2,8/135 telephoto lens with X Converter 1,7. The three new lenses and one teleconverter expand the XCD family to nine different focal lengths.

The XCD 1,9/80, that Hasselblad claims to be their fastest lens, has a f/1,9 aperture, Hasselblad’s largest lens aperture. The 80mm lens features distinct twin motor drive with a field of view similar to 63mm on a full frame system. The XCD 2,8/65 is a 50mm full frame equivalency and is equipped with  f/2,8 maximum aperture and 0.5 m (20 in.) minimum focus distance.

The XCD 2,8/135 and X Converter 1,7 expand the reach of Hasselblad’s X1D-50c and are available as both a paired kit or as a stand-alone lens. Without the teleconverter, the XCD 135mm has an aperture range of 2,8-32 and a field of view similar to 105mm lenses on full frame cameras and features a minimum focus distance of 1 m. With the X Converter 1,7, the lens’ focal length grows to 230mm (178mm full frame equivalent) with a f/4,8 maximum aperture and a minimum focus distance of 1.05 m.

Like the other XCD lenses, the XCD 80mm, XCD 65mm and XCD 135mm feature a central shutter, offering exposure times from 60 minutes to 1/2000s with full flash synchronization through the entire range.

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