Gitzo Launches New Range of Centre Ball Heads


Gitzo has announced a new range of centre ball heads for its Traveler and Mountaineer tripods, the GH1382TQD, the GH1382QD, and the GH3382QD.

Coated with tungsten disulphide, the new centre ball heads use hard metal components under and around the ball. The locking mechanism eliminates unwanted deforming or drifting.

Gitzo centre ball heads

Gitzo centre ball heads

Other key features of the centre ball heads include an independent pan lock, quick release, panoramic rotation of 360° and compatibility to most Arca-Swiss style plates. The GH1382QD and GH3382QD come with friction control.

The GH1382TQD, the GH1382QD, and the GH3382QD weigh 390 grams, 500 grams and 770 grams respectively and offer working heights of 10.4cm, 11.2cm and 12.6cm respectively.

Currently available in the UK, the GH1382TQD and the GH1382QD are priced at 264.95 pounds (approx. Rs. 27,090) and 299.95 pounds (approx. Rs. 30,670) respectively. Priced at 379.95 pounds (approx. Rs. 38,850) the GH3382QD model will be available from mid-November. The company is yet to announce the pricing and availability for Indian markets.

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