Getting Started with Lightroom 5

A screenshot from the tutorials.

Adobe’s tutorials take you through the basics of working in Lightroom 5.

Lightroom is a powerful software that lets you edit, organise and share your photos while allowing you utmost control in every step. If you are new to Lightroom, then Adobe has a few video tutorials to get you started. These videos, presented by George Jardine, an Adobe Community professional and Lightroom instructor, will help you get familiar with the basics of the software and customise it according to your needs. The total video time of all the tutorials is 32 minutes.

For these tutorials, you will need the latest Photoshop Lightroom 5 and the tutorial files which include the sample images used in the videos. You can download all of them here. You can also download a cheat sheet for all the Lightroom key commands.

Here are all the tutorials covering the basics of importing, editing and exporting the photos. If you have any questions regarding the tutorials, you can always get help from Adobe’s tutorial forum.

Organise Your Photos
Upgrade your existing catalog and import the sample images.

Import Photos from the Camera Card
Using a card reader, you can easily copy the photos from the camera card into a Lightroom catalog.

Customise the Lightroom Interface
To make your work easier and more intuitive, you can change Lightroom’s workspace as per your requirements.

Organise with Keywords and Collections
Keywords and collections let you easily manage your catalog and search for your favourite photos.

Non-Destructive Editing Made Easy
In the ‘Develop’ section you can make non-destructive adjustments such as cropping, changing the white balance, colour correction and selective adjustments using the graduated or radial filters.

Exporting Options
You can export the final edited images in several different file formats such as JPEG, TIFF and PNG. You can also directly export them into emails.

Lightroom Mobile for iPads
With the Lightroom Mobile app, you can access all your synced images anywhere from an iPad. It needs an internet connection only for the sync. Once that is done, you can edit, organise or share the image from your iPad whenever and wherever you want.

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