Fujifilm Announces New XT-1 with Infrared


Fujifilm has announced the new infrared version of its flagship X-series of mirrorless cameras, the XT-1 IR. According to the company, the new XT-1 IR will retain the specifications and body style of the XT-1, but will be able to capture infrared and ultraviolet portions of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The new camera will allow photographers to view falls within a wavelength of 390nm (violet) and 700nm (red). “The X-T1 IR can capture light at wavelengths up to 1,000nm, dipping its toe into the mid-infrared range. It is also able to see long-wave ultraviolet light in the 380nm to 400nm range,” notes the company.

Fujifilm announce new infrared version of XT-1

Fujifilm announce new infrared version of XT-1

Though, identical with the XT-1, the new camera will not feature the standard IR cut filter and the 16MP APS-C sensor will feature an anti-reflective coating.

Moreover, the new camera is compatible with all Fujinon XF lenses available on the market.

Priced at USD 1700 (approx. Rs. 1,08,681), the XT-1 IR will be available from October 2015. The company is yet to release the official image of the camera.

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