Exclusive Interview: Tom Lu, CEO Oppo Mobiles India

Tom Lu, CEO Oppo Mobiles India

Tom Lu, CEO Oppo Mobiles India

OPPO has been a brand known for innovation for many years. Our OPPO Finder was the thinnest smartphone in the world at the time and the OPPO Find5 was the world’s first smartphone with a 1080p screen with a staggering 441 PPI. The OPPO Find 7, which was recently launched in India, is world’s first smartphone that can make 50MP pictures, and its VOOC rapid charge is world’s fastest and safest mobile charging technology till now. Our N1 has world’s first 13MP rotating camera and the rear touch panel. Also our proprietary OS, Color OS, is known for its practically innovative features, like live weather, off-screen gesture, air gesture, glove mode, etc.

We have a Future Lab which focuses on studying and applying the cutting-edge technologies on our phones, and in the coming years, it will surely bring about more exciting innovations to the market, like the VOOC rapid charge on Find 7.

Overall, OPPO’s products are targeting young people. However, each of our products has its own positioning and is trying to target at a specific group of people. For example, our N1 is designed for people who love creative photography and selfies, and our recently launched Find 7 is set to capture the heart of those life explorers who are creative and always daring to pursue a higher quality of life.

Last but not the least, customer orientation is the very source of our creativity. It requires us to focus on customer needs and develop innovative products that best integrate these requirements. Our product and marketing teams are closely looking at the local markets, so that we can discover the essential requirements of Indian customers and integrate them into the development process.

For cellphone photographers, a group possessing a comparably higher aesthetic taste, we provide outstanding design, technology, and product functionality. We have put tons of efforts in design since the very start to create the most elegant and beautiful devices.

Other than this, we have also built up the advantage of image related technology, this includes image processing technology and display technology. In terms of display technology, our Find 7 has a staggering 538ppi, which is the first 2k screen in India market. This will also greatly impact the visual experience and overall experience of any photography lover.

Moreover, some of our products, especially the N series featured by N1 right now, is specially designed to facilitate the photography experience. For example, the rotating camera, the O-Click and the back touch panel are all cases in point.

So generally, our products do try to target people who like taking photos and can all perform very well compared to most other devices in the same price range in the local market. This includes our most prominent phones like N1 and Find7, which are for more advanced photographers.

OPPO is a global brand, but since our first day in this country, we have been striving to be an integral part of the community and the society at large.We are targeting a mix of at least 10 products that cover the price range from below Rs 10,000 to around Rs 40,000 within this year. With our sales and service network expansion speeding up, we are expecting a fair growth and a bigger share of the market. We are targeting to have over 4,000 sales points and to climb to number two position in terms of market share, after five years. On the brand aspect, we hope our brand will become a well-known name for its innovation, quality and service in the next five years.

We put in a lot of efforts in local market insights, and we partially customise our products before bringing them to India. In the global scenario, each market has its own characteristics and the product portfolio would definitely be different. Certain devices would be launched only in a few countries or even one country. I believe this will happen to India market in the future as well.

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