The Elinchrom FRX 200

Elinchrom FRX 200

Elinchrom FRX 200

The Elinchrom FRX 200 compact flash units are designed for indoor studios. These power packed lights supposedly perform like the D-Lite range, but offer all the convenience of a compact body.

Some of the key factors of the Elinchrom FRX 200* are:

  • The VFC mode switches off the modelling lamp whilst the flash unit recharges. This function gives a visual check that all the studio flash units have fired which can be activated together with the Ready Charge beep for maximum control.
  • When using compact flashes of different powers, the modelling lamp can be reduced to -1 f-stop for better visual proportionality.
  • Some cameras may release before the main flash, several pre-flashes to avoid the red eye effect. To avoid incorrect synchronisation the intelligent Elinchrom Eye-Cell detects camera pre-flashes. The Eye-Cell function can be activated in the Automatic mode or in the Manual mode, even configuring LED pre-flashes.
  • The user can customise the Charge Ready Beep from short to long Beep signals.
  • To use wireless triggering and changing flash power settings, or to switch on/off the modelling lamp, requires the optional EL-Skyport Transmitter. The Group and Channel Frequency settings can be customised. The EL-Skyport WiFi Remote Control is available for Apple devices.
  • Power and modelling lamp steps setup can be changed from 1/10th to 7/10th or to 1 f-stop.
  • The cooling fan switches on automatically if the unit temperature increases. The microprocessor controls the unit temperature and the fan. If the ventilation is blocked or the fan does not work, the display shows E8.

* FX 200 Ri does not offer the computer remote function.

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