DSF 600 Pro Plus: Wireless LED Studio Light by Digitek


Released by Digitek, the DSF 600 Pro Plus is a wireless LED studio light which is optimum for professional photographers. It features a high speed flash with the maximum speed of 1/11,000 second, which can be optimum for low light conditions. The light system has a sturdy and accessible design, with its 2 in 1 handle along with a hard aluminium case. Its pipeline design helps the light in heat elimination. This increases its capability and makes it a good option for higher light intensity usage.

There is an in-built 12 V-6000mAh Li-ion battery with the studio light which also comes with an AC power adaptor. Its 2.4 G wireless trigger gives it the unique wireless functionality . With the trigger, you can control various aspects such as output, channel and buzzer. It is fully compatible to be placed on an Elinchrom mount. The wireless light can work both on AC and DC power sources.

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