Documentary Photographer, Mel Rosenthal, Passes Away


Melvyn Rosenthal, who is most notable for his documentation of people’s lives in South Bronx, New York, passed away on 30 October, owing to complications caused by dementia. Rosenthal, who taught photography at the Empire State College for 36 years, was known for his depiction of people’s hardships. Ricky Flores, a visual journalist with the Journal News Media Group in White Plains, said, “He (Rosenthal) always talked about showing people in a compassionate way. Other photographers don’t always get that.”

Rosenthal discovered the joy of photography in Rome, during a student exchange program. However, it wasn’t until he watched the 1966 lm Blow-Up, directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, that he began to wonder about the possibilities of the camera. In 2011, he confessed to The New York Times, that before watching the lm, he “didn’t know there was such a person as a photojournalist who solved mysteries in a visual way.”

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