Digitek Unveils its latest Softbox, the DSBH-055


Softboxes help photographers to diffuse light evenly and reduce any harsh shadows. Depending on the need of the photographer, one can also use it for portraits, fashion, food, and product photography. They are lightweight and easy to carry around as well.

To meet the demands of the photographers from these genres, Digitek has announced a new softbox with handles, the DSBH-055. It provides extremely soft light, and is extremely lightweight. The softbox has an S-type Bracket Mount design and can be easily used with most flash speedlights and other equipment.

Made of collapsible nylon cover and lightweight durable handle grips, the DSBH-055 has silver particle inner baffle and two white diffusers. The design enables users to quickly assemble or disassemble it. It also comes with a carrying case.

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