Digitek Unveils its Latest Smartphone Gimbal, the DSG-005


Digitek introduces a sturdy, smart, and easy-to-use gimbal for bloggers, as well as serious enthusiasts, the Digitek DSG-005.

The Digitek DSG-005 gimbal has 3-axis stabilisation that offers an independent control system for each axis—roll, pitch, and yaw. These axes can be controlled individually by a joystick using three different modes—the Pan and Tilt Follow mode, Pan Following mode, and the Locking mode. It also has the ability to focus or zoom in any area while filming.

The device has an input of 3.4-4.2 volts, operation current of 150-3000mA, and operation time of 12 hours. It has the pitch angle range of 325°, the roll angle range of 160°, and the pan angel range of 300°. The DSG-005 comes with a ¼-inch accessory mount that enables users to mount the gimbal on to a tripod, while the user balances the phone on the clamp. Moreover, the gimbal comes with its own Mini Tripod X1 that is easy to carry around. 

The gimbal is shock resistant and comes with a micro USB charging port. It is capable of face and object tracking mode. It takes 3 to 4 hours to charge and weighs 440g. The Gimbal Pro app is available for iOS and Android. Users can also adjust the speed of the device (the pace at which it pans or tilts), and can manually calibrate the device via the app.

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