Digitek Launches its Newest Flash Kit



Digitek, a market leader in photographic and smartphone accessories in India, unveiled its latest flash kit, the Flash Bot (Model No. DFB-001). The kit features a grip,  a gel mount, a grid, a sphere, a bounce, as well as multiple creative gels. Aimed at professional photographers and serious enthusiasts, the kit comes in a box size of 14.5 x 13 x 18 cm.


The magnetic grip is a quicker and stronger attachment method for Speedlite flash modifiers, which is much easier than using a velcro. The grid is made of silicon rubber, and helps to optimise the beam pattern at 40° with a minimum light spill, thus providing a consistent lighting coverage.

Creative Gels.

Gel Mount.

The sphere is an omnidirectional flash diffuser with an in-built gel slot that allows changing the colour of flash for effects. It also increases the size of the light emitting surface by over 250 percent, providing a softer glow while saving battery. The bounce is a white silicone texture based modifier that diffuses light without significantly decreasing output as other available modifiers. It has been stripped down to its simplest, most functional form. It delivers the softest light with the highest output.


The ultimate polycarbonate gel mount is for hot shoe flashes to produce softer light while allowing users to change the creative light gels quickly. Furthermore, the creative polycarbonate gels come in eight different colours—red, yellow, orange, magenta, teal, green, blue and purple.


The Flash Bot kit is available at all leading photographic stores, as well as on Amazon and Flipkart.

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