Digitek Launches its Latest Monopod, the DPMP-172B


Monopods have become a crucial tool in any photographer’s or videographer’s kit. They aid to enhance the sharpness of the image or video, as well as enable seamless movements if required. However, there are a few important features that a good monopod needs to have—lightweight, cost-effective, sturdiness, and should be made of good quality, which can last for years. Digitek has designed its newest monopod that meets these demands of professionals and serious enthusiasts, the DPMP-172B.

The monopod comes with a flip lock system, has a three-leg base, and incorporates a 32mm tube with rubber grip. It has a maximum load capacity of 10kgs, and features four sections. When extended to its minimum height, the monopod is 1700mm long. The 1.2kg DPMP-172B has a minimum operating height or when folded, it measures 675mm. 

The DPMP-172Bcan be attached with three different ball heads—the DVH-005, the DPVH-100, and the DPVH-500 ball heads. However, they are not included in the package.

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