Digitek Announces a Continuous LED Light


Digitek has unveiled a new LED light in its growing list of products, the Continuous LED Light DCL-60W. The 5600K colour temperature light features a COB (chip on board) LED for high brightness and colour accuracy. It has been designed to incorporate a rear LEC monitor and with 10-100% dimming adjustment. It adopts the latest strong anti-jamming CPU, which makes the circuit and structure simpler, as well as improves the consistency of the whole light. With a dedicated wireless remote, users can control the brightness, as well as to group lights for multiple light configurations.

The DCL-60W has a 5400LM, 95 CRI, and AC 100-240 of voltage. Moreover, there is a heatsink and built-in fan that helps to regulate temperature. There is also a specialised temperature control function to protect the LED as well. The light is also configured to accept Bowens S-mount light modifiers and accessories, such as the reflector.

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