Datacolor announces SpyderCAPTURE PRO


Datacolor, the leader in colour management solutions announced the availability of SpyderCAPTURE PRO, a bundled product package featuring essential tools for photographers to manage colour throughout the digital workflow process. SpyderCAPTURE PRO is a kit which includes four popular products, namely,  Spyder4ELITE, SpyderCHECKR, SpyderCUBE andSpyderLENSCAL.

Using the tools in the package, you can calibrate autofocus in cameras and lenses,  control contrast and white point balance and calibrate displays, such as a computer monitor or laptop, iPads, iPhones, televisions  and projectors. The package comes complete with a one-year warranty and free online support from Datacolor. SpyderCAPTURE PRO retails for €310.00 (Approx Rs 22,000).

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