CEIF 2018: Predictions from Canon, India


Better Photography asked Eddie Udagawa, Vice President, Consumer imaging and Information Center, Canon India, to give us his five predictions for the future of Indian photography, videography, and the imaging industry.

The India market still has a huge potential from various points of view. There has been a remarkable growth in the culture of photography in India. A number of households are increasing more than the population, and the demand for cameras is also increasing. Groups who can afford such equipment, i.e. mid-income and mid-high income families are also increasing. So the demand is definitely going to be higher, and the market is at an evolving stage.

We lead the world with our innovative products that realize high-quality images using groundbreaking technologies such as proprietary lenses, CMOS sensors and image processors. Continuing to advance the 4K technology with our EOS series, we have maintained our position of innovation and leadership. We will see more and more cameras featuring touchscreen LCD’s, for easy user interface. Meanwhile, photo printing is becoming more portable, with WiFi enabled compact printers.

The cinema industry is rapidly progressing and along with it, is its audience. In this continuous learning process, over the past few years, Cinema EOS cameras and cine lenses have accelerated its position with current models like Cinema EOS C300 Mark II, and the recently launched Cinema EOS C200 and EOS C700.

India as a whole enjoys a diverse demand in various genres when it comes to lenses and with the evolution of photography in India. We see a huge potential of lenses in this market.

With so many images being uploaded on various social networks every moment, the differentiating factor becomes the quality of the photographs. And this is where a DSLR camera scores heavily. This phenomenon has led to the demand for DSLRs increasing at a steady pace, and at Canon, we have been contributing to this growing trend with our technological evolution and product line-up.

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