Canon’s New PowerShot SX700 HS Gives 30x Zoom



Canon seems to be sticking to the usual formula of packing in more megapixels and more zoom in its latest superzoom, the PowerShot SX700 HS.

While its predecessor, the SX280 HS packed in 20x and a 12MP sensor, the SX700 offers 30x and a 16MP sensor. What with the onslaught of more megapixels and more optical zoom, it is a formula that definitely seems to be appealing to the buying masses, but for how much longer? That remains to be seen.

THe SX700 also offers inbuilt WiFi, in addition to which Canon has also included its Mobile Device Connect button. So basically, once it has been set up, you can directly connect with an iOS or Android device simply by pushing a button. To make this setup easier, the camera also includes NFC, which makes that you can simply tap the SX700 to your smartphone and it will establish a WiFi connection. Using Canon’s mobile app, you will be able to view, send, and share your shots as well as remotely control the camera.

Canon has also updated its Hybrid Auto mode that captures a few seconds of video before each picture you take. At the end of a day of shooting, the camera automatically gathers up all the little clips and your photos — taken with Canon’s scene-recognition Smart Auto — and puts them into a 720p HD movie creating a highlight reel for your day.



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