Canon Launches Nine New PIXMAs

Canon PIXMA E560

Canon PIXMA E560

Canon has launched nine new PIXMA inkjet printers ranging from Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 22,000 for Professional, Home or Office needs in India. Of the 9, six are Wifi-enabled models while two are ink efficient units wherein printing would cost less than a rupee per page.

In an endeavour to increase its marketshare from 24% to 30%, Canon announced that they have invested Rs. 120 crores in advertising and promotions, including their latest campaign ‘Super Student”.  Through this campaign, they have chosen to position their products, especially the PIXMA E400, as a printer that allows students to reach their true potential.

Canon’s recent announcement is an attempt to pose as a serious competitor against market giants HP, who possess 52% of the market share. With Wednesday’s announcement, Canon has a total number of 24 models, including four ink efficient and 13 WiFi models.


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