Canon Launches Its First Multi-Purpose Camera


Canon has unveiled its first multi-purpose camera, the ME20F-SH. The cube-shaped camera features an EF mount and allows users to capture Full HD colour video in the extreme low-lighting conditions. The camera features ISO equivalent of over 4 million!

The camera is equipped with a 2.26MP CMOS sensor, which has pixels measuring 19μm square (more than 5.5 times the surface area of the pixels on the CMOS sensor featured in select high-end interchangeable lens cameras).This allows users to capture 1080/60p/30p/24p videos with high sensitivity on subjects with a minimum illumination of less than 0.0005 lux. The camera weighs approximately 1.1kg (body only).

Canon ME20F-SH

Canon ME20F-SH

The multi-purpose camera can be used for night time surveillance and security, cinematic production, reality television, and nature/wildlife documentaries.

Priced at USD 30,000 (approx. Rs. 19,20,000), the camera is expected to be made available from December 2015.

Tags: Canon ME20F-SH, Full HD colour video, ISO equivalent of over 4 million, 2.26MP CMOS sensor