Canon BP WPOY 2017-18: Top 20 in Bride and Groom Portraiture Category


With the judging complete of the Canon Better Photography Wedding Photographer of the Year 2017-18 contest, we will be revealing the top 20 photographs that made it to each of the seven categories—Bride and Groom Portraiture, Family and Friends, Emotions, Behind the Scenes or Offbeat, Finer Wedding Details or Still Life, Adobe Best Conceptual Digital Image Creation, and Photoseries on a single Wedding. Let’s look at some of the best entries in the Bride and Groom Portraiture category.

A couple’s wedding portrait is a symbol of their love and union, a memory of the day that will be cherished forever. The photograph will be passed down through generations, a testimony to the wonderful occasion. Perhaps no other picture from the wedding is as important as that of the bride and groom. The wedding photographer therefore, has the onus to imbibe all of the above qualities, to make the picture truly a memorable one.


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