Canon BP WPOY 2016-17—BTS at the Final Face off


The Final Face-off of the Canon Better Photography Wedding Photographer of the Year 2016-17 contest took our six category winners to the spectacular property of the Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach, where they were challenged to photograph a bride and a groom. Here’s a look at what went on behind the scenes.

Over the years, the Wedding Photographer of the Year contests have always had exciting face-off rounds. It is quite amazing to see wedding photographers in their element, while they try to figure out how best they can photograph a scene. This year was no different either with our six category winners, Anill Patil, Prakash Parmar, Abhishek Scariya, Nitin Dangwal, Kaustav Sarkar and Sombit Dey. The brief was simple. They had four hours to photograph a bride and her groom at selected spots at the Novotel Hotel. The hotel’s lush lawn and pool area, its exquisite suite and the beautiful beach that it overlooked, were some of the spots that the photographers could shoot at. It was certainly challenging, not just in the area restrictions, but also the fact that our wedding photographers felt that the time limit was too long! In real time weddings, a photographer doesn’t have an hour, let alone four, to photograph the moment. He has to be on his feet constantly. Nevertheless, it was interesting to see how our six participants utilised the four hours to make their photographs. While Kaustav made his bride and groom jump an untold number of times to get his desired shot, Prakash was extremely quick and was done with his shots in moments. Here’s a glimpse at everything that transpired during the face-off.

Behind the Scenes with Anill Patil


Behind the Scenes with Prakash Parmar


Behind the Scenes with Abhishek Scariya


Behind the Scenes with Nitin Dangwal


Behind the Scenes with Kaustav Sarkar


Behind the Scenes with Sombit Dey

After the face-off, all the participants were given 24 hours to make a submission of 20 photographs, which can be viewed here: Anill Patil, Prakash Parmar, Abhishek ScariyaNitin Dangwal, Kaustav Sarkar and Sombit Dey.


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