Camera Rifle Prototype Estimated to fetch approx. Rs. 2.53 Crore at an Auction


Considered as one of the most unusual Leitz accessories, the New York Leica Gun Rifle Prototype is up for auction. The sniper-rifle like camera is featured at the WestLicht Photographica Auction in Vienna, Austria.

According to the auction house, with a starting price of 150 euros (approx. Rs. 10,855), this camera rifle prototype is expected to rake in up to 3,50,000 euros (approx. Rs. 2.53 crore).

New York Leica Gun Rifle Prototype

New York Leica Gun Rifle Prototype

The New York Leica Gun Rifle Prototype comes with a Wetzlar Ploot mirror housing number 3201, a special bayonet mount Wetzlar viewfinder, a camera body, two lenses with hoods, and a special red lens case. The gun rifle camera has its own specially designed carrying case.

In addition, the gun rifle camera is equipped with shutter triggers for shooting photographs. The camera is mounted to the rifle stock using a standard tripod screw.

As per the WestLicht’s listing note, the entire camera kit is 100 percent original and is in perfect working state. It was delivered to Ernst Leitz New York (1937–1939).

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