Calumet Unveils New Foldable LCD Viewfinder Loupe


Calumet Photographic has launched the new foldable LCD viewfinder loupe. The new viewfinder loupe is designed for use with all DSLRs that have a screen size of 3 or 3.2-inches, including the Canon EOS 5D Mark III and the Nikon D810.

Calumet Foldable LCD Viewfinder

Calumet Foldable LCD Viewfinder

The key features of the viewfinder include a 3x magnification, a <+8 dioptre that allow for lens focus adjustment, light transmission of >95%, lens aperture of 45mm, and a quick release mounting plate. A silicon rubber eye cap provides a hood view of the LCD and is adjustable. Users can flip up the eyepiece to switch to standard live view.

Measuring 95 x 75 x 170mm with eye cup, the viewfinder loupe weighs 260 grams (including the mounting plate).

The viewfinder is priced at 125 pounds (approx. Rs. 12,400) and currently available in stores (in UK) and online. Availability in stores in India is yet to announce by the company.

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