Broncolor Launches New Light Shaper, the Beautybox 65


Broncolor has announced the new light shaper, the Beautybox 65. Touted as a portable alternative to the beauty dish, the Beautybox 65 features a collapsible design, 65CM / 25.6IN front diameter and white interior.

The Beautybox 65 also features a reversible gold/white centre counter reflector, which offers two options for neutral colour or a warming effect. In addition, optional accessories include a translucent white counter reflector, a front diffusion screen and a fabric grid to control light spread.

Broncolor Beautybox 65

Broncolor Beautybox 65

The Beautybox 65 is compatible with Broncolor speedring (B-33.401.00), fitting Pulso G, Unilite, Siros, MobiLED, Litos lamp heads and with lampheads from other manufacturers.

Priced at USD 296 (approx. Rs. 19,340), the Beautybox 65 is available via Hasselblad Bron Inc. The company is yet to announce the pricing and availability in India.

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