Bharati Vidyapeeth Offers Edexcel Level 5 Certification


The Bharati Vidyapeeth School of Photography has a great opportunity in store for its students. In order to bring their students on par with international standards, the school is providing Edexcel Level 5 certification to them. This evaluation process, which will be conducted during April 2014, will allow students to achieve credits required for further international specialisation in their native institute itself. For instance, instead of an international course that involves four years of studying, the level 5 certification will ensure that their course duration is shorter.

For the same, moderators from Edexcel will travel from the UK to India and the certificate will be awarded on the basis of the assessment which will be completed in the UK.

In order to prepare their students for Edexcel evaluation, Bharati Vidyapeeth has provided the following to them:

  • Applied, practical, work-related skills
  • Knowledge
  • Criterion-referenced assessment
  • Opportunities for live projects
  • Grading to encourage improvement rather than age-old ‘pass’ and ‘fail’ norms
  • Teamwork and planning to achieve a better overall output
  • Tutor support
  • An exhaustive creative curriculum that ensures quality

Edexcel is a part Pearson Education, a leading international media company involved in education, business information and consumer publishing.

The certification awarded by Edexcel is recognised by more than 200 universities in the UK and across the world.

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