Bassist Vandalises Photographer’s Quadcopter Without Reason


After being hired to fly and videotape the Zumies Best Foot Forward indoor skateboarding event in Detroit, photographer Harry Arnold’s drone quite literally crashed and burned. The bassist of the band ‘Trash Talk’ that was performing at the event took the group’s name a bit too seriously and trashed the RC copter with a beer can after not one but three buzzed attempts. The Detroit Drone photographer had to have his drone canned despite having the event promoter’s permission and flying from a secure area. Was he trying to make a political statement? Probabaly not. The bassist was just another rockstar trying to make a ‘statement’ by trashing the equipment of a cameraman who was trying to endorse him.

While there is no response from the band itself, Arnold said in a comment on YouTube that the promoter promised to remunerate him for the damages but that he hasn’t received any money yet. Arnold also stated that, “I’m just glad it didn’t fall in the crowd & hurt someone. I was between the stage & crowd and I was able to bring it down next to me.”

Arnold’s prudence ensured that nobody was hurt. He seems to be pretty level headed about this fiasco and stated n another comment that, “I have been promised reimbursement but honestly I am totally grateful that nobody got hurt. I was pissed at first, but hey, these are young kids trying to be rebels. They will eventually learn to respect other peoples property. Life will teach them that.”

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