Basics of Sharpening: Photoshop CC



Have you ever tried sharpening your photos in software? This is an important step in digital photography, but remember to keep the following things in mind while doing so.

  • It is best to use RAW while shooting.
  • If you have shot in JPEG, keep the in-camera sharpening to a minimum. Even if this results in a slightly soft photo in the beginning, a soft image is a better starting point than an overcooked, oversharpened one that has too many halos.
  • Radius helps edge acuity, but increase this value too much can result in halo-like artefacts. Amount sharpens the detail in the photo, but overdo it and the image will become noisier.
  • The Smart Sharpen filter in Photoshop CC is far more intelligent than previous versions, as it greatly minimises halos and noise, while giving you much sharper, detailed results.
  • Combined with the Shake Reduction filter, this will help you get far better image quality from your preexisting, older files, as well.
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