Adobe Symposium for Hobbyists & Professional Photographers

Adobe Photography Symposium 2014

Adobe Photography Symposium 2014

Adobe recently organised a Photography Symposium in Bengaluru, where hobbyists as well as professional photographers were invited to enhance their skills and boost their photography business. The event saw the participation of over 350 individuals.

Various professionals from the photography fraternity were present and led a number of specially tailored sessions for photographs. These professionals were wildlife photographer Sudhir Shivaram, luxury and lifestyle photographer Naina Redhu, wedding photographer Neeta Shankar, Swapnil Rane, Creative Head- Films Division, Marching Ants Pvt Ltd and Jayanth Sharma, Natural History Photographer and Co-founder of Toehold Travel and Photography, amongst others.

Apart from learning valuable insights from the speakers, attendees also had the opportunity to learn the several aspects involved in the changing landscape in professional photography, like, balancing shoots and how to become a professional photographer. For instance, Neeta Shankar shared her experiences and aspects of photography beyond shooting. She highlighted how critical it is to engage with clients prior to the shoot to understand their culture and customs, and setting the right expectations in terms of the work. She went on to emphasise on how these soft chords play a large role in capturing the intimate moments and emotions.

Jayanth Sharma on the other hand, spoke about the need to recognise business potentials in the photography space. He gave examples on how to commercialise photography in the form of workshops, tours, photo vacations for honeymooners, to name a few. Sudhir Shivaram covered the four pillars of photography— subject matter knowledge, core concepts of photography, equipment and shooting techniques, digital post processing. Naina Redhu spoke about the importance of showcasing your work to the world. She advised all participants to keep an open mind and photograph everything in the dawn of their career and subsequently decide their genre.

Adobe has always been dedicated to help the photography community enhance their creative work and the Adobe Photography Symposium is a part of the endeavor to work as a partner of the creative community.

Recently Adobe also announced the availability of the new Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan. Designed for anyone interested in photography, the new plan brings together, for just Rs. 499 per month, Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5, These two tools that have fundamentally impacted how photographs and imagery shape our visual culture, as well as Lightroom’s breakthrough mobile apps on iPad and now iPhone.

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