A Memorable Evening of Insights


The Better Photography Wedding Videography Symposium was a series of astute talks and in-depth discussions by the industry’s most senior members. Here’s a look at how it went.

K Madhavan Pillai, Chief Editor, Better Photography, flags of the symposium with his observations on the marriage between art, craft and technology in filmmaking today.

The Better Photography Wedding Videography Symposium preceded the highly-anticipated Panasonic Better Photography Wedding Video Awards 2019 felicitation ceremony, at the Hotel Courtyard by Marriott, Mumbai. The theme of the event was technology and wedding filmmaking, and how the former helps filmmakers to unravel their creativity.

“Evolving with technology is critical nowadays, if you want to remain in the market and not get left behind. When the whole technological landscape is changing, one simply cannot afford to be outmoded and outdated.” —Akash Goel | National Lead, Seagate Technology HDD, India

Conducted at Hotel Courtyard by Marriott, Mumbai, the symposium was followed by the Panasonic BP Wedding Photography Awards. Audience members at the event.

The first speaker of the evening was Mr. PK Suri, a wedding photographer and filmmaker, and Founder, PK Suri Worldwide Studios. He spoke about his journey and discussed how the evolution of technology has helped cinematographers and photographers to experiment with the art form.

“Easily available, affordable technology can now facilitate an efficient, appreciable level of micro-production. With our rich, growing wedding industry, those in the art and craft of it must use these opportunities for growth, here and now.” —K Madhavan Pillai | Chief Editor, Better Photography

Digitek’s representatives put out their very latest innovations and products, and were readily demonstrating their use to participants of the symposium.

“I realised that individual characters build the story in wedding films. We follow them and wait. Mary Ellen Mark used to wait for something to happen. It is about being spontaneous and taking the leap of faith. If there is room for spontaneity, there will definitely be chances for innovation in every part of creation of the film.” —Akshay N Rao | Founder, Mere Shadows

Mr. PK Suri, Wedding Photographer, Filmmaker, and Founder, PK Suri Worldwide Studios, speaking about the evolution of technology, as well as of wedding filmmaking.

“A camera’s usage today does not stop until the final click. You buy it, use it, and sell it. The fear of holding on to an equipment and not being able to sell it is something that has been negated with this market that we have out here in India. ” —PK Suri | Founder, PK Suri Worldwide Studios

Lacie’s latest hard drives were on display for the participants, including the Rugged line of portable SSD drives capable of RAID, and the DJI Copilot.

The next session was a panel discussion chaired by K Madhavan Pillai, Chief Editor, Better Photography magazine. The panelists were Mr. PK Suri, Mr. Deepak Saraf, Director, IMS Mercantiles Pvt Ltd., Mr. Akash Goel, National Lead, Seagate Technology HDD, India, and Mr. Ananthasainan Seshan, Director, Shetala Agencies Pvt. Ltd., Sigma. The discussion highlighted the changing landscape of the wedding industry, the launch of the latest equipment by the brands, and their advice on harnessing technology to enhance business.

Panasonic Lumix cameras and lenses on display at the stall. Participants had the opportunity to use and understand the recently launched Lumix S full frame cameras.

“We need to continually train ourselves with current technologies. It is one of the most important aspects of upgrading ourselves. We  also need to constantly re-equip ourselves. This lets us produce the quality of videos and photos, required to keep up and move forward.” —Deepak Saraf | Director, IMS Mercantiles Pvt Ltd.

Akshay N Rao, Wedding Photographer, Filmmaker, and Founder, Mere Shadows, showcasing one of his wedding films during his presentation.

The event concluded with an enlightening talk by Akshay N Rao, wedding photographer and filmmaker, and Founder, Mere Shadows, who explained his approach to storytelling. “I began to ask myself, ‘Why does a wedding film needs to exits?’ That’s when I realised that its purpose is to interact with future generations.”

“Today, a firmware upgrade is like a new model being introduced. Our lenses have firmware categorised, and that’s an evolution in the lenses. In the last five years, I can see a distinctive reaction to photographers awaiting firmware upgrades, which wasn’t there earlier. ” —Ananthasainan Seshan | Director, Shetala Agencies Pvt. Ltd., Sigma

Renowned documentary photographer, Mr. Fawzan Husain, asking a question during an Q&A session towards the end of the symposium.

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