A 2mn Swiss Franc Adrenaline Shot for Ilford Galerie

Much loved inkjet &fine art photo paper brand, Ilford Galerie to make a comeback

Much loved inkjet & fine art photo paper brand, Ilford Galerie to make a comeback.

The Ilford Galerie brand and its line of inkjet & fine art paper will be making a comeback after a two million Swiss Franc (approx. Rs. 13.7 crores) bid to purchase them from Ilford Imaging Switzerland. The bid was placed by Australian photo equipment distributor CR Kennedy & Company in partnership with the Japanese accessory seller Chugai Photo Chemical Company.

Ilford Imaging Switzerland ceased trading earlier this year and went into liquidation, only a month after 130 staff members were laid off in December.

The paper will continue to be manufactured under the Ilford and Galerie brand. Talking about the brand Mr. Kennedy said, “It’s a great brand and we hope that soon this great brand will be in the hands of those who respect and love photography.”

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