5 Interesting Facts About the HP Designjet Z5200


Clipboard01The HP Designjet Z5200 is a high-end large format printer that is aimed at professional photographers and labs who are looking at creating a bunch of unique printing solutions for their clientele. Here are a few ways the printer stands out:

  1. The printer has an embedded spectrophotometer that lets you automatically calibrate and profile the printer.
  2. The Designjet Z5200 works with a bunch of file formats, from PDF, PSD, TIFF to DWF, without the need to open any other application.
  3. You can submit multiple files at the same time.
  4. Despite maintaining a high level of quality, it is quite fast, with speeds up to 445 sq feet per hour.
  5. There is a 160GB hard disk drive that allows you to process large files effortlessly.
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