Did You Know: Fun Trivia About the Panasonic GH4


The 4k capabilities are not the only interesting thing about the Panasonic GH4. Here are some fun facts about the camera that is one of 2014’s most exciting camera releases so far.

The promo video for the GH4 has been shot by ace cinematographer Bryan Harvey. The interesting connection being the fact that not only did Bryan extensively blog about the behind-the-scenes of the shoot, he id also the son of the legendary Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey.

The GH4 will surely ruffle the video DSLR market and we can expect other manufacturers like Sony and Canon to respond soon. Even in the pro video world, the GH4 has caused the Blackmagic Design global shutter 4k Production camera to drop in price from an original list price of almost USD 4000 to a price of USD 2999. The GH4 is expected to cost a lot lesser, of course, but the Blackmagic would be the preference of dedicated video shooters who don’t have much interest in stills.

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