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Smart Class: 4 Essential Soft Skills Needed By Videographers & Photographers In 2020 & Beyond

Smart Class: 4 Essential Soft Skills Needed By Videographers & Photographers In 2020 & Beyond

Conducted by: Rohan Potdar

Duration: 2 hours

Fees: ₹ 999 + Taxes
  • About Course

    Do you think becoming a good videographer or a good photographer is enough to be successful in today's competitive world?
    Is understanding the technical workings of camera same as understanding the workings of the business of video or photo?
    Is running a business equivalent to taking a great photo or shooting a good quality video?
    Clearly, skills needed to run a business are different from technical and creative skills needed to complete a project. They are called 'Soft skills'. These skills help you become a better professional, a better marketer and a better businessman. Ultimately, video production is a business like other businesses. Why treat it differently?
    Surprisingly, most photographers and videographers ignore these soft skills. There is a general feeling that these skills are secondary and not as important as knowing the camera settings. That's why many freelance videographers and photographers struggle with low fees, high competition and overall lack of confidence.
    These skills are also never taught in training institutes. If you are going to be selling in a market place you better be known for something then just be another cameraman or another photographer.
    Based on 5 years of my freelance documentary production experience I have created this course especially for freelance videographers and photographers.
    This course will help you answer the following questions:

    • How much fees to charge your clients?
    • How much discount to offer your clients?
    • How to develop and maintain good relations with the client?
    • How to conduct an interview?
    • How to impress potential clients in business events?
  • Topics

    There are 4 main soft skills that I will teach you in this course. They are:

    • Negotiation skills
    • Pricing skills
    • Interview taking skills
    • Social skills
  • Course Features

    This course has 2 parts- First is pre-recorded content & Second is a 1 hour LIVE class.
    This way you learn theory and practical both. In the LIVE class mentor will answer your specific questions and give advice based on his experience.
    Although the examples in this course are from videography, they are equally applicable to photography.
    The course is in easy-to-understand Hindi with English subtitles.

  • Course Activation

    On successful registration and payment, the Course Partner will contact you with details (Link, Login, Password, Instructions, etc) for activating and accessing the course.