CATEGORY: Advanced Photography | Basics / Beginner Photography | Self Paced / Start Anytime

Complete course in Photography

Complete course in Photography

Conducted by: Munish Khanna

Duration: Lifetime

Fees:8000 7200 + Taxes
  • About Course

    Its a hybrid Online Photography course - which means various teaching techniques and methods have been included to help you understand all concept clearly. Videos, presentations, photographs, critiques are all a part of this online course and the course is not restricted to just videos or presentations
    Covers all genres - While making a strong foundation, the online course covers various genres of photography. Be it travel, fashion, advertising or journalism the course will prove to be useful for you.
    The course does not expire, which means you do not have to rush with your learning. You may go through the contents faster or slower as per your learning curve.
    Periodic regular updates - The course contents are periodically updated with new tutorials added very often.
    Discussion forum - Interactions are very important for learning and you can directly interact with the mentor anytime during the course.
    Meet up - sometime if you may prefer or require, you can also personally meet up or interact with the mentor if you are in Delhi Evaluation - You can have yourself evaluated through our online tests to ensure that you are moving ahead at the right pace. It also helps in boosting your confidence.
    Access across platforms - be it computer, iPad or a mobile phone, you can have access to all the content from any platform at any time. No restrictions.

  • Topics

    Covers the basics of Photography leading to advance levels. One course covers it all.

  • Course Features

    • It’s a hybrid course with a combination of actual shooting Videos, presentations, tutorials, Assignments and online discussions.
    • There is unrestricted access and content is periodically updated. The course can be viewed anywhere and anytime.

  • Course Activation

    On successful registration and payment, the Course Partner will contact you with details (Link, Login, Password, Instructions, etc) for activating and accessing the course.