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Bird Photography Practical Field Guide

Bird Photography Practical Field Guide

Conducted by: Sudhir Shivaram

Duration: 6-month of subscription

Fees:2500 2250 + Taxes
  • About Course

    This course has been designed as a complete guide to bird photography. Thanks to his considerable knowledge and experience, Sudhir will take you through every aspect of this topic.

    The tutorial starts with an introduction on bird photography and then addresses the subject of its ideal equipment.

    All the technical issues related to this kind of photography are here covered. Camera settings, shooting mode, white balance as well as exposure and metering are talked about in a very exhaustive way.

    This is where you’ll learn how to achieve the best results in action shots, low-light conditions and backlit subjects. You will be able to understand the exposure triangle and how to calculate its parameters.

    One of the pillars of wildlife photography is the understanding of subject behavior. In this guide you’ll learn through practical examples how to get amazing shots by using this knowledge.

    You will then be taken through the details pertaining to focusing modes, autofocus and back button focus.

    A whole lesson concentrates on what the most efficient shooting techniques for bird photography are and how to master them.
    You will also learn how to achieve the best composition in different scenarios as well as how to pre-visualize the images you want to take.

    Throughout the course, Sudhir will demonstrate how to apply these concepts on practical examples directly from the field.

    If you are interested in bird photography and want to know everything about it, from basic to advanced level, this is definitely the course for you.

    This course is suitable for anyone irrespective of whether he is a novice or a seasoned photographer. The course is in simple English and  uses direct teaching styles. It provides practical field tips

  • Topics

    Lesson 1: Welcome & Introduction

    Lesson 2: Camera and Lens for bird photography

    • Best camera for bird photography
    • Best lens for bird photography

    Lesson 3: Basic camera settings for bird photography

    • My basic camera settings
    • How to arrive at correct camera setting
    • Camera settings for low-light bird photography
    • Camera settings for action photography

    Lesson 4: Shooting Mode for Bird Photography

    • P-M-A-S What mode to use when
    • How to use manual exposure

    Lesson 5: White Balance for Bird Photography

    • What white balance to use
    • White balance and exposure compensation for sunset

    Lesson 6: Exposure and metering for bird photography

    • What metering to use
    • Best aperture to use
    • Camera setting for light and shadow
    • creating low key images
    • exposure for fog
    • Shooting backlit bird in fog
    • exposure for black bird
    • Working with depth of field
    • calculating exposure triangle parameter

    Lesson 7: Understanding Bird Behaviour

    • Understanding bird behaviour
    • Bird behaviour: purple heron example
    • Bird behaviour: grey heron example

    Lesson 8: Focusing For Bird Photography

    • Autofocus mode to use
    • what auto focus points to use
    • When to use manual focusing
    • Back Button focusing

    Lesson 9: Shooting Techniques

    • Eye level photography settings
    • How to get sharp images
    • Spray and pray
    • Angle of shooting
    • Carrying equipment in field
    • Approaching birds with long lens
    • Approaching birds and shooting with entry level camera and lens

    Lesson 10: Composition

    • Portraits vs habitat shots
    • Avoid bad backgrounds
    • composition and settings for backlighting
    • lighting in bird photography
    • Example: Composing Sarus Crane
    • Example: Angle of shooting - Darter

    Lesson 11: Pre-Visualization

    • Example of lesser whistling teals in flight
    • planning backlit fog images

    Lesson 12: Miscellaneous Topics

    • Binoculars in bird photography
    • Dress code for bird photography
  • Course Features

    The lessons are in the form of recorded videos which can be accessed 24/7 online during entire course duration on

  • Course Activation

    On successful registration and payment, the Course Partner will contact you with details (Link, Login, Password, Instructions, etc) for activating and accessing the course.

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